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Monday, April 10, 2006

Catching Up

We were so busy yesterday, I forgot to write a post. I thought about it at 11pm, but Keith was playing a war game on the computer and I was too tired. But that's the ironic part, I was so exhausted, but do you think I actually could get to sleep? Heck no! My mind had it's own mission. I didn't actually dose off until 1am or so, and of course, Hayden woke up 30 minutes after that screaming. I feel like such a failure for not understanding why he's been behaving like this at night time. The day went okay though. I felt a little nausea in the morning. Their were a few times I felt a little stressed, but overall the weekend was nice. I never blew up, panicked, or had any such melt downs! I never even felt like I was going to snap. I just had to take a few breaks, but nothing major. I'm a little tired, but still optimistic out the future of being on Paxil.


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