Paxil on Babe!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Luckiest Mom

It's hailing pretty good right now. I hope the lights don't go out. Poor Shelby, he's running for cover. The thunder scared him!
I had such a GREAT day. Well, kind of. Today was my 8th day on Paxil so my dosage got doubled and that made me tired and a little queezy. But I also noticed it made me mellow and relaxed. It was such a wonderful feeling. Little things happened today that I know I normally would have freaked out about, but I didn't care and maybe even would laugh about it. It was such a sense of relief. Piece by piece, I really do feel the medicine working.
I took Hayden to the park in El Dorado Hills. First we went and got a sandwich and I bought him a shovel for the sand box that is there. Hayden was so sweet. He was a bucket full of smiles the whole time. He crawled up the platforms on the play equipment. I can see him growing right in front of my eyes. I received so many compliments on what a wonderful baby he is. I was floating... I felt like the luckiest mom on the earth. On the way home Hayden was taking his sock and holding it above his head cracking himself up. I can't believe he knows how to make himself laugh... babies are truly miracles. Fun miracles!


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