Paxil on Babe!

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Step Forward, then a Couple Back

Friday I had such a wonderful day, but my dose of Paxil went from 12.5mg to 24mg. I felt more tired and nausea, but I thought, no biggy. Well, Saturday was not 'no biggy!' I was so wiped out and exhausted! I could have stayed in my PJs and slept the whole weekend away. It really frustrated me and made me feel stressed. I just keep telling myself though that this is only for a short time and I'm sure I'll feel back to my perker self soon. On the other hand though, I do feel very mellow. Many times this weekend I did feel nervous, but nothing ever came of it. It was great, no break downs, melt downs, blow outs.. nothing. I do feel a lot calmer and at peace with my self. I definetly feel like a took a couple of steps forward, but then took a few steps back! I'm getting there though!


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