Paxil on Babe!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lexapro On Babe?

Lexapro, doesn't sound as cool as Paxil. But that's what I'm on now. I was on Paxil for several weeks and felt very blank, but slowly some of my true emotions came out and it was a beautiful thing. For weeks I felt soooo good and wonderful, the best I've felt in a long time. But slowly I felt some of my old horrible feelings and aniexty coming back. I just don't understand. So the doctor switched me to Lexapro 10mg a day and said that I need to see a pyschologist to further discuss my symtoms of Postpartum Deppression and hopefully that doctor can better prescribe exactly what my body needs to start feeling better. I really want to feel better. Today I was in Walmart and I started to feel uncomfortable and uneasy because they had rearranged the store. Seriously. No joke. I basically panicked because I didn't know where things were and it stressed me out. That's stupid. But in the moment it was very real and stressful and scary. I need help!!